Tuesday, March 17, 2009

busy giler..

i thought dis break will give me a chance to enjoy my life after 24 hours non-stop studying at *****...unfortunately, my sis is going to get married this thursday...sow, a lot of preparation need to be done..as the only son at my house, i got a lot of things to do...so tired n meletihkan..hahaha...damn u my bro!!da tau nk kenduri sengaje lak blik lmbt ek...penat aku sowang2 bt keje tau...the preparation is so kelam kabut cam ribut yg sibuk nk berebut-rebut..ha3..at first, my father decided to do the wedding ceremony at our house...but, as u know..skrang nie musim hujan and the parking lot is becak..wahahaha...so, he decided to do it inside a dewan near my house...penat2 jerk aku angkut pasir letak kt park lot xnak bg becak...huh!!..2 days more before the wedding...i hope everything will work as we planned...btw..i dont have any time to study..hope god bless me..huhuhuh

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Old friends, new friends..

I have just check on my friendster profile..just in case if I have comment to reply or post to make...Suddenly, the 'search friends' box appear on top of my profile and stated that 'search friends from skppg'. Skppg was my primary school and I was very anxious to search some of my ex classmate..I don't know why..but, at that particular moment, I remembered back some of them..The vision started to come and they appeared vividly in my head..mere, budik, mc wa, hajar, umar, and many more!! I tried to search them..Well, some of them already added in my profile..I was so happy when I found one of them that I haven't meet or talk for almost 5 years!! I checked on her profile and leaved a comment just to make sure I am not making a mistake. Minutes after that, I got a comment from her!! Yes, I was not making a mistake, she was my classmate when both of us in standard six..I was so happy and glad that I have found her...When I searching, I noticed one of hundreds name that appeared..It looked familiar..Then, I remembered my best friend when I was at kindergarten..I never met him after I enter primary school until now..He moved away with his family...I viewed his profile..I was not so sure whether he is the right person or not..I couldn't recognize him from his profile's picture..Well, only he could confirmed it..I'm still waiting for him to give some respond..Hopefully, he is the right men. Wow..friendster really could bring us together...hahaha

Monday, March 2, 2009


Tonite..i dunno what had happen to me..
tonite..i feel very fed up with my life..
tonite..i got a lot of homework to do..
tonite..i still didn't do any of them..
tonite..i hope i could stay up late to study calculus..
tonite..it is just a circular motion of every night..
tonite..i will sleep without doing the homeworks..
tonite..i will try my best to fight the devils..
tonite..i have to do the homeworks first then go to sleep..
tonite..tomorrow's nite will be the same again...
as it is the usual nite for every student here..